Ron Howard received keys to Florence

Hollywood director Ron Howard, who is now filming the latest of a series of blockbuster murder mysteries in Florence, has received the keys to the city.
Indeed, Dario Nardella gave Howard the keys during a ceremony at the medieval Palazzo Vecchio: the stone edifice is an important site in the film, based on the novel 'Inferno' by author Dan Brown in his latest instalment of a series featuring his fictional crime-fighting, symbol-solving academic Robert Langdon played by Tom Hanks.
The mystery involves the medieval poet Dante and his work The Inferno, a portion of his masterpiece The Divine Comedy, for this reason Mayor Nardella wanted to acknowledge the "enthusiasm" that Howard is bringing to the filming of the Hollywood blockbuster in the iconic city: "Obviously, we are very pleased with the profile that the film will guarantee to the city, both in terms of image and of prestige," he added.


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